Re: [tied] Re: Albanian Toponyms -> showing that Albanians was in t

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 37671
Date: 2005-05-06

altamix wrote:

> I do not denny it Piotr. It can be an posible Germaniy *do:nawj could
> give a regular Slavic "dunaj-". The difference is that we have a
> regular "on" which gives "un" in Romanian and none dennyes it.

Ah, and where did the /o/ come from?

> I don't know if the conntact between Germans and Slavs took place
> somewhere around Dounau ( in fact I doubt about and I doubt some German
> migrating tribs storied to some Slavs about an fluvium back in their
> land which is called that way).

There were innumerable Germanic-speakers all along and around the course
of the Danube in Roman times. There were also contacts between
Germanic-speakers and Slavic-speakers as the latter expanded towards the

> More probable seems the slavs got the form with "un" directly from
> Romanians. Against my supposition should be the question "why not the
> whole name "DunĂ£re" ? And here is a weak point. I am not sure in how
> far an "dunari" > dunar^i > dunai will matches here but is is a
> posibility since the Rom. linguists suppoded for Rom. name a kind of
> *donaris.

Too many formal problems with all these strange reshapings. Anyway, as
George has pointed out, this reconstruction leaves a lot to be desired.
The ancient name for the lower Danube was Istros anyway, and all the
modern names seem to go back to Celtic (with Germanic as the intermediary).

> Apparently this will explain the Slavic word without the need of some
> ominous germanic stories.

Check the meaning of "ominous" in a dictionary, Alex.