[tied] Re: Albanian Toponyms -> showing that Albanians was in today

From: altamix
Message: 37669
Date: 2005-05-06

--- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, Piotr Gasiorowski <gpiotr@...> wrote:
> altamix wrote:
> > if you will to explain the change "an" > "un" via Slavic, be my
> > guest. And if you consider that someone borrows the name of a river
> > but it "suffixes" it in an ununderstable way, be my guest too.
> > In how far this argument (which is a fact) is minor comparative
> > with
> > your scenario ( which is a suposition) , we will see.
> You may have missed one of my recent postings where the etymology of
> Slavic *dunajI was discussed. I proposed Germanic *do:nawj- (borrowed
> from Celtic) --> early common Slavic *daunauj- dissimilated to
> *dauna:j-, whence regularly *dunaj-. Whatever the details, the
> substitution of /u/ for Gmc. *o: (<-- Celtic *a:) is
> Slavic.
> Piotr

I do not denny it Piotr. It can be an posible Germaniy *do:nawj could
give a regular Slavic "dunaj-". The difference is that we have a
regular "on" which gives "un" in Romanian and none dennyes it.

I don't know if the conntact between Germans and Slavs took place
somewhere around Dounau ( in fact I doubt about and I doubt some German
migrating tribs storied to some Slavs about an fluvium back in their
land which is called that way).
More probable seems the slavs got the form with "un" directly from
Romanians. Against my supposition should be the question "why not the
whole name "DunĂ£re" ? And here is a weak point. I am not sure in how
far an "dunari" > dunar^i > dunai will matches here but is is a
posibility since the Rom. linguists suppoded for Rom. name a kind of
Apparently this will explain the Slavic word without the need of some
ominous germanic stories.