Romanian "Urheimat"

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 37661
Date: 2005-05-06

> Willem wrote:
>As I argued on earlier occasions, the
>further you put the Romanian "Urheimat" from Ohrid, the more
>difficult it becomes to make sense of the early history of the

You didn't argue at all you only make an assertion.
Why, "the more difficult it becomes to make sense" ? Seems only
because you "like" this idea. Please put some arguments here. Is easy
to make an assertion without arguments.

For instance I post for you here a contra-argument against your idea:

Sirmium to take an example had a Latin Population until 582.
see a Map with Sirmium geographical position: as you can see there
are less than 200Km from Sirmium to today Romania:

582 The Avars captured Sirmium by trickery. An inscription from the
ruins of Sirmium reads, "Lord Jesus, help the city and smite the
Avars and watch over Romania and the writer. Amen."

Demography: Sirmium had over 100,000 habitants in Roman Times:
As the oldest town in this area Sirmium gives a special historical
mark to Sremska Mitrovica. The present town was built on the base of
Sirmium, one of the capitals in the Roman Empire. Sirmium was one of
the largest cities of the world and it had over 100.000 inhabitants.
Marko Aurelie, Traian, Probus and others were rulers of Sirmium. It
had Royal Place, mint and weapons smithy (factory), hippodrome and
many bridges across the Sava. The town was devastated and burned by
the Avars in 582. A.D.

Sirmium , ancient city of Pannonia. The site is near modern Sremska
Mitrovica, NW Serbia and Montenegro, in Serbia. Sirmium was
unimportant until occupied late in the 1st cent. B.C. by the Romans
in the conquest of Pannonia. It was prominent later, especially in
the 3d and 4th cent. A.D., and became the chief city of Lower