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> > Is there a link between Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, Freiherr von
> > Humboldt [1769-1859] and a work named "Descriptio Europae
> > Orientalis"?
> Yes, that is this.
Well, then why a search on Google for / Humboldt Descriptio Europae
Orientalis / will produce no resultants -beside your posts- shoving this

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P.S. 12.04.-28.12.1829: Humboldt's visit to Rusia and Siberia, as far as the
frontier with China. He will publish his findings after this journey only in
1843 as "Asie Centrale. Recherches sur les chaines de montagnes et la
climatologie comparée" [3 vol., París; the german edition in II vol.,
Berlin]. This book is important because the concept of "Central Asia" is