Re: [tied] Albanian as a satem langauge

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 37655
Date: 2005-05-06

> Piotr wrote
>Ditto for Romanian, which is an ordinary Romance language with a
> little "local colour" it owes to its old Albanoid substrate.

1. I agree here: Romania is an ordinary Romance language.

But with some "difference" regarding your last appreciation:

1.a This "little local color" represented in Proto-Romanain
Vocabulary (500-600AC) around 24% from the total Proto-Romanian
vocabulary (and I talked here only about the 'preserved'
I counted word by word Latin and Substratual words -> and I took
into account only words with an Albanian counter-part.
A quarter of the total vocabulary is not a "little local color".

1.b It deeply affect the structure of the phrase too.

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