Re: Humboldt [was The Vlach Connection]

From: tolgs001
Message: 37653
Date: 2005-05-06

>Is there a link between [...] Humboldt
>and a work named "Descriptio Europae Orientalis"?
>Is this "Descriptio Europae Orientalis" in fact "Anonymi
>descriptio Europae orientalis: [...]: anno 1308 [...]
>Cracoviae [...] 1916 [...]
>S o r i n

I don't know. But the author of the latter was an anonymous one
from France. NB the publ. year: 1308 (not 1808). AFAIK, this
prose is deemed (by Romanian historiographers) as important
in the context of the so-called "pascua Romanorum" re. Pannonia.
This leitmotiv is contained both in this Frenchman's story and in
the primeval Hungarian chronicles. Worth mentioning is that the
Hungarian anonymous notary, magister P., does not specify who
those "pastores" of the Romans were (in the "pascua"); it is the
next chronicler, Simon of K├ęza, who links them with the "Blazii".
In the notary's story, there is no link between "pascua Romanorum"
and the "Blachi" under duke Gelou (except for the mentioning
of the ethnonym in such a... grammatical way that no inferrence
is possible; but, OTOH, P's Latin (around 1200) spelling is...
alas! :-)).