Re: Humboldt [was The Vlach Connection]

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Date: 2005-05-06

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> So far I remember Humboldt used in his
> "Descroptio Europae Orientalis" an Armenian source which mentioned the
> Valachs as being north of Danube in 921.
> Alex
Is there a link between Friedrich Heinrich Alexander, Freiherr von Humboldt
[1769-1859] and a work named "Descriptio Europae Orientalis"?

Is this "Descriptio Europae Orientalis" in fact "Anonymi descriptio Europae
orientalis: imperium Constantinopolitanum, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria,
Ruthenia, Ungaria, Polonia, Bohemia: anno 1308 exarata [ edidit, praefatione
et adnotationibus instruxit Olgierd Gorka. - Cracoviae: sumptibus Academiae
litterarum, 1916, 70 pg.; 24 cm]?

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