A New language tree

From: mkelkar2003
Message: 37643
Date: 2005-05-06

The present model of IE languages is no longer tenable given the mass
of archaeological/geologica'/astronomical/genetic data against it. A
new model has been proposed. Please click on langauge tree.doc in the
files section. I propose a proto Vedic family branching out into
Sanskritic, and Illyric/Dardic branches. The Sanskritic branch splits
into Prakrit, Tocharian, Hellenic and Avestan brances. The
Illyric/Dardic branch splits into Balto-Slavic, Illyrinan and
Thraco-Phrygian. At the upper end the proto-Vedic is a branch of a
the larger Eurasiatic family with Dravidian, Uralo-Altaic,
Sino-Tibetan, European, and Austric branches. The European branch
splits into Italic, Celtic and Germanic branches.

M. kelkar