Older Balcanic Languages

From: rex_castilliae_araguensis
Message: 37637
Date: 2005-05-05

I am not a professional linguist, i haven't even finished school yet
(age: 17), but I am veery interested in linguistics. In my previous
message about the vlachi people, one can find a lot of mistakes in
my quick translation. I am sorry for that. English is not my native
language; i am from Greece, i want to become a linguist one day. I
have some knowledge of Ancient Greek, I know very little Latin (1
year), but in issues involving Modern Greek, I can help, since I
have a lot of material.

I have read a lot about the IE language theory. I have just one
point to make. In Greece, there is a tendency amongst serious
linguists (e.g. Kontossopoulos) to believe in the IE theory, without
admitting the presence of an IE people. They say Indo-european is
a 'homoglossia' but not a 'homoethnia'. My question is "How can such
a thing be possible?". I would like your opinions on that.

Furthermore, my study of Greek has caused to me a lot of questions
about the pre-Balkan and pre-Greek languages and Substrata. Can
anybody answer me what was the nature of Illyric, Thracian,
Pelasgic, Minoan, and other languages? Which were IE, which not, and
what new IE sub-groups used to exist in that area. I am confused.

Do Etruscan, Veneto, Messapic, Pelasgic, Minoan form any kind of
pre-PIE indo-european Sub-group? heelp...
Panos Anagnostopoulos