Re: [tied] Language Shift (was: Albanian as a satem langauge)

From: alex
Message: 37636
Date: 2005-05-05

Richard Wordingham wrote:
> Piotr did not deny that a population might gradually shift its
> language, i.e. change the uses they make of two languages. What he
> said was that an Albanian-like language would not change to a
> Latin-like language.
> Richard.

and it didn't. It has its loan but it din't changed to a Latin like
language. The gordian knot here is that the language which has been
speak by the actually Romanians _was not_ alike to that which became
modern Albanian, but different.
In fact such a "kuddel-muddel" this time via scientific way due
phonetical aspects for comming to something Strabo said already
thousends years ago:"Illyrians and Thracians are two different nations
with different languages". Who is who, that is another cup of tea.


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