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> >> but they noticed it 3 centuries later?
> >> Alex
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> > *****GK: Why not? As the reconquista proceeded. The
> > Byzantines did not fully reconquer Bulgaria until the
> > 11th c. (and lost part of it again in 1049 for nearly
> > one hundred years).*****
> I was thinking at this alternative as well. In the moment
> the Byzantine Empire begun to get its power back and
> reconquested back the lost teritories between Haemus and
> Danube, they could get aware by the existence of these
> Valachs. The question I have here is what did happen
> between these 3 centuries? Did the valachs migrated with
> the Slavs and Avars South of Danube or they have been
> allways there but much changed so the Bizantine considered
> them as being a new ethnos?
> Alex
After 680-'81, the proto-bulgarians did dislocated the "romanized"
population from the S of Danube, between the Danube river and the Balkan
mountains -see at Theophanes and Nikephor- to the N of the Danube river and
in the S.

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P.S. we can not talk about "vlachs" in the VI-VII centuries.