Re: [tied] Re: The Vlach Connection

From: alex
Message: 37625
Date: 2005-05-05

george knysh wrote:

>> but they noticed it 3 centuries later?
> Alex
> *****GK: Why not? As the reconquista proceeded. The
> Byzantines did not fully reconquer Bulgaria until the
> 11th c. (and lost part of it again in 1049 for nearly
> one hundred years).*****

I was thinking at this alternative as well. In the moment
the Byzantine Empire begun to get its power back and
reconquested back the lost teritories between Haemus and
Danube, they could get aware by the existence of these
Valachs. The question I have here is what did happen
between these 3 centuries? Did the valachs migrated with
the Slavs and Avars South of Danube or they have been
allways there but much changed so the Bizantine considered
them as being a new ethnos?


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