Re: [tied] Re: The Vlach Connection

From: alex
Message: 37624
Date: 2005-05-05

george knysh wrote:
> *****GK: This might suggest that various Vlach groups
> had understandings with steppe nomads as to land use
> north of the Danube long before the mass migration of
> the 12th century. We know such understandings later
> existed with the Polovtsians (Cumans) so why not with
> their predecessors?*****

An another important point which I allways forget and I
decided to do not forget it now. Within the fellowers of
the immigrationist theory, teh 12 century appears to be
the century of this mass migration. However, the arguments
which speaks for this century, where are they? Which are
the arguments which will show us there has been indeed
this mass migration north of Danube?


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