Re: The Vlach Connection

From: george knysh
Message: 37621
Date: 2005-05-05

--- alex <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> S & L wrote:
Al-Maqdisi speaks about the
> WALADJ people who
> > are living somewhere at N of Danube river, near
> the Petchenegs.
> > The whole discussion about Waladj=Valahi is to be
> found in Aurel
> > Decei & Virgil Cioc�ltan's "Rom�no-arabica",
> edited by M. Anghelescu,
> > Bucuresti, 1974, at pages 49-54.
> > Alexandru Madgearu [in his book quoted allredy]
> says that this is the
> > first mention of the Valahs at N of Danube river
> in the written
> > sources.
> >
> > S o r i n
> then this one is a second mention. So far I remember
> Humboldt used in
> his
> "Descroptio Europae Orientalis" an Armenian source
> which mentioned the
> Valachs as being north of Danube in 921.
> Alex

*****GK: This might suggest that various Vlach groups
had understandings with steppe nomads as to land use
north of the Danube long before the mass migration of
the 12th century. We know such understandings later
existed with the Polovtsians (Cumans) so why not with
their predecessors?*****

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