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From: alex
Message: 37619
Date: 2005-05-05

S & L wrote:
>> I am not sure but I suspect S & L menas here the Armenian geograph. I
>> will be curious to read more too, indeed.
>> Alex
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> I do not know if he was Armenian or not; his full name is Mutahhar
> ibn Tahir al-Maqdisi [or al-Muqaddasi; i.e. "the native or inhabitant
> of the Holy City"?] and he was the author of the "Book of the
> Creation and History" [i.e. "Kitab al-bad'wal-tarikh"; a summary of
> the knowledge of his day based on Muslim, Iranian and Jewish sources]
> written in 966. Here Al-Maqdisi speaks about the WALADJ people who
> are living somewhere at N of Danube river, near the Petchenegs.
> The whole discussion about Waladj=Valahi is to be found in Aurel
> Decei & Virgil Cioc�ltan's "Rom�no-arabica", edited by M. Anghelescu,
> Bucuresti, 1974, at pages 49-54.
> Alexandru Madgearu [in his book quoted allredy] says that this is the
> first mention of the Valahs at N of Danube river in the written
> sources.
> S o r i n

then this one is a second mention. So far I remember Humboldt used in
"Descroptio Europae Orientalis" an Armenian source which mentioned the
Valachs as being north of Danube in 921.


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