Re: The Vlach Connection

From: george knysh
Message: 37616
Date: 2005-05-05

--- S & L <mbusines@...> wrote:
> As I see, he [Madgearu GK]is the follower of the
newer "jaguar
> spots" theory [more then
> one place -i.e. in the Western Carpathians, in the
> region between
> Timoc-Morava, on both side of the Danube valley
> between Olt-Cernavoda- for
> the ethnogenesis of the Romanians]. "From these
> kernels the Romanians spread
> later over the entire N Danubian territory" he said
> in the Conclusion
> chapter.

*****GK: Some of this (e.g. the Timoc-Morava and
Olt-Cernavoda kernels) doesn't seem incompatible with
my current view, though I would wonder why many other
south Danubian kernels might not have been involved.
But what does he mean by the "Western Carpathians"?
Could you say something more about this?*****

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