Re: Albanian as a satem langauge

From: mkelkar2003
Message: 37610
Date: 2005-05-05

Albanians are the direct descendents of Illyrians.



"There were several Arya-Vartas. Vedic Arya Varta was on the
Sarasvati. Afghani Ariana was on the Harirud (Sarayu). Persian
Arya-Bija was in the Himalayas. It also seems that we have two groups
of the Aryas. A northern Danava group centered in Bactria and Sogdia,
and a southern Sudanava group in the Indus-Sarasvati, with
Afghanistan/Gandhara as the link region, with naturally much contact
between the two.

Arya Varta is also called Ila Varta, the land of Ila, the daughter of
Manu, connected with Sarasvati as a Goddess of speech and learning."


"Albanian language is the only Indo European language that has
preserved the archaic structure of proto Aryan language. Albanian
adjectives and ordinals come after the stressed nouns unlike any other
European tongue.

The law formulated in 1892 by J. Wackernagel, according to which
unstressed parts of the sentence tend to occupy a position after the
first stressed word normally situated at the beginning of a sentence
makes Albanian the oldest living Indo European language."

The Illyrians in turn consider the Dardenians as their ancestors.


"In a well-known and much repeated story, Herodotus (4th century B.C.)
mentions a war-like people on the frontier of India, near to whom are
found gold-digging ants. Herodotus provides the name Dadikai for one
of the groups living on India's frontier, which was then the seventh
satrapy of the Achaemenian empire"

"Sanskrit Epic and Puranic References

These Sanskrit references to Daradas, although they cannot be assigned
any historicity, indicate that the Darada were known to those familiar
with such texts. Singh cites references in the Vayu, Brahmanda,
Markandeya, Vamana, and Padma Puranas (Singh 1972). Daradas are also
mentioned in the Brhatsamhita, and in Manu, where they are classified
pejoratively as Mlecchas."

M. Kelkar