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> > Try to read Alexandru Madgearu's "Continuitate si
> > dicontinuitate culturala
> > la Dunarea de Jos in sec. VII-VIII", 255 pg, Editura
> > Universitatii din
> > Bucuresti, Bucuresti, 1997.
> *****GK: I'm afraid I don't have this. Could you give
> us a brief summary of its theses? Does it provide
> evidence of cultural continuity between "Roman Dacia"
> south of the Danube, and the territories north of the
> Danube later populated by Romanians? Remember that
> this is the main argument of "The Vlach connection",
> viz., that a substantial and continuous population
> movement from "Roman Dacia" towards Transylvania and
> adjacent areas after 602 AD (and long before the 12th
> c.)is what explains (or could explain) the transition
> from the older Dacian speech to the Romanian speech
> north of the Danube.*****
My advice was for Marius.
Yes, he is analyzing in detail the archeological findings [BUT this aspect
was not my goal when I read the book and I just read these details only in
For Madgearu the problem is more complicated then you summarize it here. He
introduce some new concepts -like "cultural continuity" and the difference
between this concept and that of "ethnical continuity" or "inhabiting
continuity"- in his analyze.
As I see, he is the follower of the newer "jaguar spots" theory [more then
one place -i.e. in the Western Carpathians, in the region between
Timoc-Morava, on both side of the Danube valley between Olt-Cernavoda- for
the ethnogenesis of the Romanians]. "From these kernels the Romanians spread
later over the entire N Danubian territory" he said in the Conclusion
The book has also an 21 pages Abstract in English. If you are REALLY
interested, give me a snail mail address and I will forward the Abstract to
you as snail mail.

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