Re: [tied] Albanian as a satem langauge

From: alex
Message: 37604
Date: 2005-05-05

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
>> alex wrote:
>> But this stage is a
>> preroman stage and it will point more to a relationship deep in the
>> prehistory. Your statment about "receptor language" makes me wonder.
>> The Carpathian-Balkan language which is considered to have been
>> latinised is considered now "receptor language"? Or we have to
>> consider what Bari� meant that here we don't have to deal with
>> "loans" but with "rests" ?
> That would have been the case if Romanian had gradually evolved from
> something like Albanian to something like Vulgar Latin, retaining a
> residue of its original vocabulary. That, however, is not a realistic
> scenario.

> We have to assume that one part of the "Balkan" population
> was affected by a language shift: Latin _replaced_ their older
> language, borrowing some of its vocabulary in the process. Another
> part remained Proto-Albanian-speaking, but because of their close
> contacts with Latin-speakers, widespread bilingualism etc. there was
> a massive influx of Latin loans into their language. This means that
> both Latin and Proto-Albanian played the role of donors and receptors.
> Piotr

The vocalism is not o the side of this scenario. There has been no
change of "o" to "a" or "o:" to "e" in the time of bilinguism you
suggest, but this change happened before that time. The Rom.
"rests/loans" presereve a phonetical stage prior to that bilinguism and
the change in Albanian are not affecting the Latin words. That is: all
was done before Latin _replaced_ something here. That is: the languages
of becoming Romanians with that of becoming Albanians have been already
"different" as the Rommans came. You have to agree with it. If you say
"sorr�" and you mean "crow" but I think you mean "sister" (just an free
alleged comparation), then our languages cannot be mutualy understable
and it points to different languages prior Roman conquest. Do I make any
mistake here?


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