Re: Gagauz [was The Vlach Connection]

From: tolgs001
Message: 37600
Date: 2005-05-05

>>But they are (Christian) Turks, speaking Turkish.
>>(Gagauz is a probable reflex of Oguz.)
>"It is most likely that all these populations, the
>Petchenegs, the Uz, and the Cumans, formed the
>substratum of the Gagauz people".
>But here are also other theories listed.
>S o r i n

But according to the art. put on the webpage
the Gagauz are Turkish exactly because of their
Oguz background, as well as because the
"secondary elements" were themselves Turks, too:
Peçeneks, Kumans (Kıpçak Turks) and Selcüks
(Seldjuks). At least linguistically, no taxonomic