Re: *ap-/*up-/*ip- , rivers in -r, JURA, JARA

From: Peter P
Message: 36395
Date: 2005-02-18

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> Have anybody thoughts about Baltic jura - the sea. Also in Baltic
> territory are some hydronyms: rivers Jara, Jura and etc...
> Juru'oti - to welter, to wave.
> RugiuN laukas juruoja - the field of rye is waving.
>>'keskellä järveä' "in the middle of the lake", keski-
> > "middle" in the adessive, järveä inessive of järve "lake).
> > But one might also see keskellä as an adverb "centrally"
> > and järveä as "on the lake".
> >

Finnish, järvi is probably from this source.
Lithuanian, jáura (swamp).

The rest I'll leave to others with some real knowledge.

Peter P