Re: [tied] Re: Various loose thoughts

From: Mate Kapovic
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Date: 2005-02-16

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>I'd very much like to hear the opinion of the cognoscenti on this
>point. Central Cakavian has examples like "otàc" Gsg "òca" (e.g.
>Susak and Senj, I'm quoting by heart), which are not mentioned every
>day in accentological discussions and which might suggest that the
>accentuation of the type "dvorcá" is secondary.

Cf. Dybo 1981: 147. In Cakavian, one of the two types is generalized. In
Stokavian, the oxytone one is always generalized I think (as in modern
Russian). Considering *dvo`rU (b), the original should be *dvor'IcI,