Evening/Night (was Re: The "Mother" Problem)

From: gleyink
Message: 36326
Date: 2005-02-15

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> On Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:11:19 -0000, Torsten wrote:

> If a written apostrophe make's a detached clitic, then the plural -s
> and the 3sg -s are detached clitic's for lot's of English speaker's.
> Not to mention the -t of wan't. (Not for anybody here, of course!)

The contrast of plural -s and possessive -'s is interesting. To use
Piotr's example, the noun phrase "king of England" has the possessive
"king of England's" (as in "the king of England's crown") but plural
"kings of England" (as in "the kings of England after Henry VIII").
This certainly seems to show a difference in treatment of inflection
(plural) versus clitic (possessive).