Re: [tied] Re: Danish enigma

From: alex
Message: 36303
Date: 2005-02-14

tgpedersen wrote:
> That's a different kettle of fish. Dutch, Germans and French say "Ik
> werk hier zinds twee jaren", "Ich arbeite hier seit zwei
> Jahren", "Je travaille ici depuis deux ann�es". They sometimes say
> it in English and Scandivian too, which is wrong, since they should
> have said "I have worked here for two years", "Jeg har arbejdet her
> i to �r" etc.
> Torsten

why should it be wrong? In fact, the person which says that, says just
he works and specify for how long is he doing this activity. There is no
past, but a continuous action (even if it begun in the past). The
mention "I have worked" means the person in discussion does not works
anymore _now_ , even if he specifies how long he did work. Different
things, I will say.


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