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From: tgpedersen
Message: 36056
Date: 2005-01-27

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> Vennemann claims a derivation from Basque 'bide' (combining form
> '-pide') "road" in various Central European place names, (see
> )
> among them 'Peiting' and 'Bidingen' (old 'Pidingen'), but must
> settle for the suffix being Germanic, which doesn't seem to be
> necessary: "in the place of the road".

Joseba Lakarra: Reconstructing the Pre-Proto-Basque Root
"...but there are very few examples of the type **buga, **guba.
Possibly the only examples to be found are
bide "road", bider "time, occasion"
[11 examples in all]

which strengthens the suspicion that it's a loan in Basque.