new man on board

From: Jan II.
Message: 35796
Date: 2005-01-05


my name's Jan Havli¬ö, I am from Czechlands and although I am chemist
by heart, its second ventricle belongs to linguistics.

Because of my hobby, conlanging, I am now deeply involved in tries to
reconstruct Early Common Slavic (aka Proto-Slavic) for purposes of its
further transformation into a conlang; a fictive diachronic north
Slavic language (in a sense of common division of Slavic langs into
west, east and south slavlangs). May aim to create its "historical
grammar" from Late IE through so-called Proto-Balto-Slavic up to
modern times. Having not such good education and background as many of
you, I will rather observe and sometimes I may cast a stupid question.

Those, who may be interested in other of my stuff, including almost
obsolete older version of my north Slavlang, you may have a look here: