Re: Loans, Slavs, Church

From: altamix
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Date: 2005-01-04

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> > If the n-rhotacism were to play such a big role in making
> > speculations re. migrations, then the conclusion would be that
> > Transylvanians and Banat people were once next-door neighbors
> > of Northern Albanians, and the rest of the Romanians weren't.
> > George
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> I lost my temper, so I like to ask: What on the earth has to do n-
> rhotacism with Northern Albanians?
> Konushevci

Nothing. George just confounded Tosk with Geg, North with South. He
said previously he has no much idea about Rom-Alb phonetical
corespondances and almost no idea about differences between Albanian
dialects, so one does not need to wonder about him confounding North
with South.