Re: Loans, Slavs, Church

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 35777
Date: 2005-01-04

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> But, what about the fact that common Albanian-Romanian words,
> according to Russu, like: Alb. <kurth>, Rom. <cursa>; Alb.
> <gjemb<glemb>, Rom. <ghimpe>; Alb. <mugull>, Rom. <mugure>; Alb.
> <shtrep/pl. shtërpinj>, Rom. <strepede> are not at all present in
> Aromanian?

Willem wrote:
>>I don't think much can be built using that kind of evidence.
>>Aromanian has undergone strong Greek influence for a number of
>>generations now and may have lost quite a bit of inherited ;exical

Whta you said is not a valid argument: why to suppose that Aromanian
lost more than 50% of his subtratual words when in the same time
Aromanian didn't lost 50% percent of his Latin inheritance due to the
Greek influence ?

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