Re: Loans, Slavs, Church

From: Abdullah Konushevci
Message: 35769
Date: 2005-01-03

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> >Similarly it is almost a clichee of the study of Albanian and
> >Romanian that it is possible to draw a joint Albanian-Romanian
> >dialect map. Romanian as a whole is just a shade closer to Tosk
> >(North Albanian) than to Geg (South Albanian). But within
> >the North (IR&DR) is in turn just a shade more Tosk than the
> >(MR&AR). [...] with the Romanian north staying in contact longer
> >with Albanian (Tosk) than the Romanian south.
> Is that sure? For, AFAIK, in Aromanian the rhotacization of
> the [n] is more frequent than in DR (e.g. the proverb <<Bate
> fieru pira-i coad>>, DR <<Bate fieru pâna-i cald>>).
> >Willem
> George
But, what about the fact that common Albanian-Romanian words,
according to Russu, like: Alb. <kurth>, Rom. <cursa>; Alb.
<gjemb<glemb>, Rom. <ghimpe>; Alb. <mugull>, Rom. <mugure>; Alb.
<shtrep/pl. shtërpinj>, Rom. <strepede> are not at all present in