Cronica di Ragusa ( it was Re: [tied] Re: Loans, Slavs, Church ....

From: alex
Message: 35765
Date: 2005-01-03

george knysh wrote:
> --- alex <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
> about the "Cronica di Ragusa", which allegedly
> mentions Vlachs from "Dacia" s.a. 744.
> I'm not sure that's what is meant there. S.a. 743 we
> read about the arrival of Vlachs (Murlachi). And in
> that connection are told about their organization
> ("fra li quali era uno capio supra tuti" (the Vlach
> "Godfather"?(:=)) just kidding)
> And then s.a. 744 we read about "homeni de Dogiu
> Valasi". Why translate this as "Vlachian men from
> Dacia" rather than "men of the leader ("Dogiu") of the
> Vlachians"?

For your question: why "Dux" since first it is called "capio". Beside of
this it should me intersant to ask you if you understand trough "Dogia" the
wife of the dux:-))
But, honestly, how I said in the original message I would like to see all
the texts of this chronic.

Now let us add 1+1:
- the Murlachi (Mauro Valachos)is the venetian denomination for the "Cerno
Vlasi" (Black Vlachs). Now we know the Cerno Vlasi have been allways called
the Vlachs North of Danube, and the linguistic data shows us the IR (i.a.
Maurovlaches) are descendands from DR. 1+1=?



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