[tied] Re: Loans, Slavs, Church (it was : Walachians are placed far

From: willemvermeer
Message: 35748
Date: 2005-01-03

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Sorry guys, a few corrections:

I wrote:

> Romanian as a whole is just a shade closer to Tosk
> (North Albanian) than to Geg (South Albanian).

North and South should of course be reversed ...

[I do this often. I've made a mess of articles on birchbark texts by
exchanging left and right, for instance.]

And further:

> Romanian just cannot be understood properly without
> assuming a period of non-trivial Albanian-Romanian interaction.

What I meant to say was: a period of non-trivial Albanian-Romanian
interaction extending until after the earliest rise of detectible
dialect differences within Albanian and Romanian.

Sorry for that ....