[tied] Re: angw/(h)i- 'snake, worm' -> and Albanian timeframes

From: alexandru_mg3
Message: 35735
Date: 2004-12-31

Abdullah Konushevci wrote:
>> or B) nc^ (or a similar context o^c^)
>> Sl. poro^c^iti > Alb. porositi Rom. porunc^i 'to command'
> ***AK: Except Sl. <poroc^iti> that yields Alb. <porosis>, we have
> also Sl. <zatec^i> Alb. <zates>, Sl. <trac^ina> Alb. Tosk <tërsirë>.
> Konushevci

Alex Wrote:
>>there is no "poroc^iti" but "poro~c^iti" (for ~ speaks the Romanain
>>"porunci") thus, the cluster "nc^" > "s".

I fully agree (I don't know exactly the notation: o^ or o~ here)
but in any case the Slavic form is *poro^c^iti so its not a simple o
there...See Romanian 'porunci'.

The rule here is: Sl. *o^c^/*onc^ > Alb. *o^si > Alb. *osi.

So we have the Sl. *nc^ cluster here that gave *s in Albanian and
not a simple Sl. c^ > Alb s.

Happy New Year again,