Re: [tied] Re: Walachians are placed far North the Danube in Nestor

From: alex
Message: 35705
Date: 2004-12-28

g wrote:

> From a *written* Aromanian text I am not able to understand more
> than I am able to understand from a Niederl�ndischtext based on my
> German knowledge, incl. some peculiarities of Plattdeutsch phonetics.)

> George

That is sad to hear such statement, but I am afraid it is just a little
exagerate what you say. A little text from "Bana Armaneasca" comparate with
the DacoRomanian, where in the DR text I will put the Aromanian words I do
not understand and I will underline them:

"Nu putum� s-li b�g�m� tu practichii atseali urminii ti furnjia c� noi nu
ts�num� ascumtu aestu lucru, lu spusim� shi ti aest� furnjii inshi un� mari
c�vg� namisa di noi shi nisc�nts� "tinjisits Arm�nji". Di atumtsea, Agustu
2002, la Sutsata a noast� nu mata s� zbur� di aest� problem� p�n� tu meslu
Andreu 2003, c�ndu vini la sediul� a Sutat�ljei a noast� dl. Mihai Barba."
"Nu am putut sa-l b�g�m la practic� acei oameni la _furnjia_ c� noi nu
tsineam ascuns ast lucru, le spusem si la asta _furnjii_ insa unu mare
_cavga namisa_ de noi shi ne c�nta "t�njeshte Arom�nii". De atuncea, August
2002, la Societatea a noastra, nu _mata_ se vorbeste de asta problema pana
la _meslu_ Andrei 2003 c�nd veni la sediul Societatii noastre Dl. Mihai

I am afraid the differences between German and Dutch are indeed very
numerous and not based just on some regionalisms. That is in fact the
difference between AR and DR. There are some words which are unknown by DR
and there are some "weierd" way to build the tenses. It remains still the
same language.

P.S. I am afraid the thread goes more into actualy politics it is by now far
away from the placement of the Wallahians in Nestor PVL.


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