Re: [tied] Re: Walachians are placed far North the Danube in Nestor

From: george knysh
Message: 35654
Date: 2004-12-25

--- willemvermeer <wrvermeer@...> wrote:
> In the eighth century the power of the Avars was
> steadily weakening
> and after 795 they just evaporated.

*****GK: They continued to be mentioned in the
Chronicles until the 820's, and may have existed until
the end of the century . The title of their kagan
appears in an 871 document, and one of the earliest
areas occupied by incoming Hungarians are the
"solitudines Avarorum", the Transdanubian plain along
the Tysa. Perhaps only a geographical notion by then,
but perhaps not. Controlled by the Bulgars.*****

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