Yahoogr. problems [Re: ...censoring]

From: g
Message: 35652
Date: 2004-12-25

> *****GKL I concur absolutely. My response to g(George's) Asparukh
> query, sent quite a while back still hasn't appeared...Merry
> Christmas! Khrystos Razhdajetsja!*****

Similar phenomena have hit other Yahoogroups, too, for at least two
years know. (I myself am&were moderator or owner of some.) In some
instances, my conclusion was that such delays occurred whenever Yahoo
performed some major redesignig tasks. (The latest thing that annoyed
me was - for Oct-Nov-Dec 2004 - the fact that simple settings changes
such as switching from "Individual Emails" to "No Emails" or vice versa
were activated with delays of one to 8-9 (!) weeks, or... never!
Several people, me included, who unsubscribed one group or another,
were distributed the postings 2-3-4 days longer.)