Re: [tied] Talking of locatives [Was: Some thoughts...]

From: Piotr Gasiorowski
Message: 34535
Date: 2004-10-07

On 04-10-06 23:34, Sean Whalen wrote:

> I think Greek forms are analogies, creating nom.,
> etc. from g^Heim+en+(i): (here) in winter. Original
> in Latin hiems.

*g^Hjem- forms its own locative *g^Hjem-i (preserved e.g. in Hittite).
The function of the suffix *-on(t)- is actually quite clear; X-on(t)-
means 'the whole X round', so the difference between, say, Hittite wit-
and witant- is exactly like that between French <an> and <année>.
*g^Héimon- is therefore the name of the season rather than just 'cold