Whalen's Pre-PIE Phonology (was: Some thoughts...)

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 34527
Date: 2004-10-07

--- In cybalist@yahoogroups.com, Sean Whalen <stlatos@...> wrote:
> Phonology
> Vls p t kj k kv
> Vcd b d gj g gv
> Asp bh dh gjh gh gvh
> Fric f s xj x xv
> Nas m n nj ng mv
> Liq r,l
> Gld y w
> i u
> a

It's a crying shame that proportional fonts destroy tables!

On this forum we normally distinguish labialised velars from the
clusters by writing kW for the labialised velar (e.g. *kWel 'turn;
wheel'), kw for the 'plain' velar + semivowel (e.g. *kwat
(h) 'ferment, become sour') and k^w for the 'palatalised' velar +
semivowel, e.g. *k^won 'dog'. There is, of course, the strong
argument that *k was actually uvular and the *k^ was a plain velar,
though only Glen confuses matters by deviating from the
traditional 'spellings'.

Confusingly, there is a (German-speakers'?) scheme whereby your
<kv>, Cybalist <kW> is written <kw> and our <kw> is written <kv>.

> Labial, dental, palatalized, velar, rounded velar.
> If not already
> ng>allophone of n
> mv>labiodental nasal