Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 34524
Date: 2004-10-07

nj>y/[C/G/V]_V (if first sound is equal or greater

same for mv> w or m

Above may cause change in syllabification in many
cases. Intervocalic syllabification seems to be
optional with some Z elements (VxGV can be Vx-GV or
V-xGV). This option exists whenever VZZV has first Z
less sonorant than second.

Infix n and -ya>ye/o come from same affix.

b>w (not after u)

w>0/[C/G]+labial_ (this is certainly a lasting

G>V+high/_[C/#] (lasting, or reapplication)

former b-stems decline like w-stems

Above rules probably explain why gjhe'ms and se'ms not
affected by s-deletion and lengthening (from
gjha`ya`mb-s and sa`mb-s).

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