Re: [tied] CARDINAL POINTS (ex-Venus, ex-Why borrow 'seven'?ex-IE r

From: Joao
Message: 34515
Date: 2004-10-06

Baltic: Lithuanian vakaras, Slavic vec^eru.
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Subject: Re: [tied] CARDINAL POINTS (ex-Venus, ex-Why borrow 'seven'?ex-IE right & 10)], WESKWERO

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> But, if Greek hesperos < *weskWeros, we should
> expect a Latin *vesquer or *vescor, and dialectal
> Greek *hesteros. Latin vesper could came from a
> Osco-Umbrian *vesperos, but the Balto-Slavic would
> not fit (*wekWeros, *wokWoros)

   If they can borrow bo:s and lupus it seems
reasonable to me.  What do you mean about B-Slav?

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