Re: [tied] Re: Some thoughts...

From: Sean Whalen
Message: 34514
Date: 2004-10-06

--- Sean Whalen <stlatos@...> wrote:
> Main Passive Perfect
> 1 x ma` x+a'(r) ma`dhax x+a ma`+x
> 2 tx ta` dhwa` tx+a ta`+x
> 3 0 (a)n (a)na'(r) 0+a (a)n+a
> Perf pass adds -i
> Athematic, Aor and Past have (a)m, f, t in sng
> (probably originally in one only and spread).
> Imperative -dh
> Subj -a-
> Opt -(a)'yaxj-


When past and pres/fut imperf separate:

ta`>txa` on analogy with 2ps (in many cases)

n+a>n+x with rest of perfect pl

n>n+t 3ps

Perf pl will eventually change


C>0/VC_CV (in many C-clusters)

So, txa`>xa`

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