Re: [tied] Re: work

From: alex
Message: 34501
Date: 2004-10-06

Richard Wordingham wrote:
> --- In, "alex" <alxmoeller@...> wrote:
>> Daniel J. Milton wrote:
>>> Alex, can't you make it clear what you're talking about? What
>>> word in what Slavic language are you talking about? Cz.
>>> treba, "perhaps" perhaps? Your subject line suggests you may
> have
>>> some t-initial form of the rab- group, with a well known
> etymology <
>>> I.E. orbho (Pokorny 1427).
>>> Pokorny also gives one nonGermanic reflex of dhreibh, in
>>> Lithuanian.
>>> Dan Milton
>>> **********
>> Dan, Rom. "treab´┐Ż" means "work" as well as trabajo, travaille,
> trabaho. DEX
>> consider to be a loan from Slavic "trEba". I assumed in Slavic the
> word
>> meant too "work".
> False friends! The Western Romance words derive from
> _trepalium_ 'an instrument of torture' - the implication is
> unpleasant work. The Romanian word doesn't seem to have that sort
> of implication, and indeed there's Russian _treba_ 'religious
> ceremony'.
> Furthermore, I would expect a cognate of French _travail_, Spanish
> _trabajo_ etc. to be stressed on the second syllable, not the first.

Fain, thank you Richard. And which is the etymology of Russian "treba"?
I suspect the semantism does not imply no problems.
BTW, there is in South Slavic "treba" as verb "must" which does happen to be
in Rom. too "trebuie"
with the same meaning "must".
So I wonder about how "religious ceremony" became "must" or "necesairre",
"of necesity", "work", "must"