Re: [tied] Etymology of "Warsaw"

From: alex
Message: 33973
Date: 2004-09-03

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
> Jazd�w, Kamion and Br�dno. The name Warszowa goes back to the 13th
> century; the modern form Warszawa is very young (17th c.)
> Piotr

the name in Rom. has stil the "o" there since the name is "Vars^ovia".
Apparently the name "krakaw" is too young in this constelation, the old form
being "Krakovia"( at least so is it "freezed" in Rom. Lang)
.Interesting to me appears the sufix "-ovia" here. If I try to connect with
the ancient names I can think just at the note of Trajan which mentioned the
city/village "Bersobia" in Dacia. The "bers-" remain "b�rs-" in Rom. (See
county of B�rsa) and I have no ideea iv the -obia here can be connected with
Latin "ovis" beeing kind of "owia" which can be translated as sheep. Which
is the usual explanation of "-ovia" in Slavic ( special Polish?)