Re: [tied] Re: Aegir and Ran, etymologies

From: Joao
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Date: 2004-09-02

Rán, as a kind of sea-demon, sea-giantess, seems to me an equivalent of Irish Domnu, mother of Fomoires, and Idian Diti/Da:nu, mother of Da:navas.
Joao SL
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>> What are the etymologies for Norse Sea Gods AEGIR and
>> RÁN ?

> They seem to be pre-IE items, with difficult etymology. A
> link between AEGIR (> *e:gijaz) and *akw- 'water' seems
> very improbable.

For what it's worth, de Vries derives it from a Gmc.
*a:gWiaz, noting Faeroese <ægi> 'Meer' and OE <æg-weard>
'Wache am Meeresstrande' and <eagor> 'Meer, Flut' (which I
think should be <æ:g-weard> and <e:agor>).  I'd have
connected <æ:g-> with <e:g> 'island' (< *aujo: < *agwjo:),
of which <æi> is an old form.

> At this moment I haven't the faintest idea about the
> origin of RÁN.

He mentions several suggestions that have been made:

  * 'die Räuberin', belonging to <rán> 'Raub, Plünderung';
  * belonging to <ráða> 'walten', by way of *ráðn-;
  * belonging to <rámr> 'heiser', hence 'die heiser

Not much there.