Re: Yama Ymir

From: Dirk Howat
Message: 33959
Date: 2004-09-02


The II Primordial man, as Ymir, Yama is displaying the creation of
man, the breaking up of the material giant into the more spiritual
man, also by the breakup, illustrates the nature of divine society,
As in Yama destruction divides itself into distinct qualitatively
differing beings, new beings, from one to many. Then from Primordial
Man/Yama/Ymir to Man/Laws of Manu/Rigsthula, to have the rita or log
of the god who broke it up, thus giving a reason for the
destruction/killing of this being into something qualitatively
different. IMO, which was the gods intentional of being.

--- In, "Glen Gordon" <glengordon01@...>
> David:
> >>At least in regards to the name *Yemos, Yama would be the Vedic
> >>counterpart. How is Yama's skull the sky, his brain the clouds,
> >>his eyes the sun and moon? Is Yama the cosmos?
> >
> >Someone better versed in Vedic studies should handle this. I
> >think that Lincoln is suggesting that the role of Yama as the
lord of the
> >dead is relevant; he is the first to die.
> But of course he is the first to die -- He represents the first
> to die and the first victim of the first sin. I don't see how he
> necessarily needs to be the cosmos just because he may be the
> first to die.
> - gLeN
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