Re: [tied] OCS 'dovesti'

From: mkapovic@...
Message: 33938
Date: 2004-09-01

> which is the relationship between OCS "dovesti" and "dovedon"?Are they one
> and the same verb and if yes, then how is to explain the "-vesti" versus
> "-vedon" here? Is the "do" there a component part as in "da vidim" ( to
> see )?

"Do" is a preposition meaning something like "at, near to, close to". It
is also often used as a prefix with verbs. It is different from "da" which
is a conjunction.
The connection of -vesti and -vedoN: -dt- regularly > -st- (-tt- also).
Already in PIE we have *s inserted in *TT. In Slavic *TsT > *st.