Genitive/Thematioc confusion: The Rise of Feminines

From: Richard Wordingham
Message: 32696
Date: 2004-05-18

--- In, enlil@... wrote:

> > So you are positing thematic accusative singular *-o-m, athematic
> > genitive plural *-om.
> No, you're being a jackass. Reread the posts.

I've reread them, and I don't think Jens has misunderstood this
point. You wrote, in message 32625:

'In athematic declension, the accusative is *-m and the genitive
plural is *-om. The thematic then is simply the product of thematic
vowel plus the athematic endings. If you do the math, merely
grafting the same endings *-m and *-om to thematic stems would
otherwise produce a homophonous *-o-m.'

I for one do not understood the side claim of -o- + -om = -om
(thematic genitive plural) - it looks like an irrelevant mistake.

You do seem to be claiming thematic accusative singular *-o-m,
athematic genitive plural *-om. Perhaps you could clarify by an
example, e.g. *owyom 'egg'.

> Because you're insisting that I said nonsensical things that I
> say, so what can I do. You have a problem.

And you have a problem too if we don't understand you. Do you re-
read your misinterpreted posts?