Re: [tied] The Rise of Feminines (aka Where's Waldo)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 32670
Date: 2004-05-17

> A deciding factor is *kmtom, which may perhaps still be thought of
> being from a phrase */kmtom kmtx/ "tens of tens" out of undying
> stubbornness. A simpler and more rewarding etymology that accounts
> for more of the facts, however, is simply one deriving *kmtom from
> *kmt-om "that/those of tens". In this case, *-om can only reflect
> plurality or uncountability of its source (ie: "tens") regardless of
> the true plurality of the source form. This shows that *-om is a
> natural collectivizer, not a singulative by any means.

I've seen "ten" somewhere as *d-kmt-om, where d- is some form
of "two" and the -kmt- part supposed to mean "hand" or "five" (cf.
Semitic x-m-s "five"). That would make "hundred" *kmt-óm, "fives"
or "hands".