Re: [tied] The Rise of Feminines (aka Where's Waldo)

From: tgpedersen
Message: 32669
Date: 2004-05-17

> Yes, but so what? Tone matters in Mandarin but it doesn't stop
> speakers from similarly connecting /si4/ "four" with /si3/ "death".
> Hell, Torsten does it all the time, connecting things he thinks
> are similar-looking. It's a natural tendency of speakers to play
> with their language even unconsciously and connect dots that aren't
> there. So similarly, IE speakers would reapply the *s/*m to new
> structures such as they did by applying the animate/inanimate
> contrast of nouns in *-o-s and *-o-m respectively and applied it
> to adjectival declension.

True, and since I noticed you were getting fuzzy around the feet
here's a link:

Specifically, I think the primary meaning is not "foot" (but for some
odd reason the word seems Proto-World in that sense; but what the
heck, it's probably onomatopoeic: pd-pd-), but "low" or "below" (cf.
Russian <pod> "under"), especially since some of the senses has to do
with narrow strips of land along the water (rivers), and I'd like to
derive IE pre/postpositions/preverbs (originally just particles) with
references to the local river. That didn't make much sense to people
either, did it?