Re: [tied] The Rise of Feminines (aka Where's Waldo)

From: elmeras2000
Message: 32614
Date: 2004-05-15

--- In, enlil@... wrote:
> Jens:
> > Look who's talking! Who just identified acc. *-om with the
> > *-o::m?
> It would be nice if your accusatory outbursts were based on
> real. Saying the above shows that you haven't paid attention to my
> actual viewpoint for years now. You are only showing your
ignorance and
> stubbornness. If you will listen to my REAL viewpoint on this that
> I've had for a good year, perhaps you can then come up with more
> effective rebuttals instead of punching thin air.
> I never said that the accusative and genitive were actually

I never said you did. I said you posit a preform *-om for both,
although the genitive plural has a long vowel in all languages that
can show the difference between *-om and *-o:m. Next thing I know I
am being admonished not to base anything on ambiguities. Well,
that's what you just did (except that the forms aren't even really
ambiguous if reconstructed with the necessary care).