Re: [tied] The disappearance of *-s -- The saga continues

From: enlil@...
Message: 32073
Date: 2004-04-20

> I have considered that, but what kind of paradigm would *sáH2l-
> /*sH2ál- be? Are there "l-stems" in Indo-European with suffix ablaut
> *-el-/-l-?

... Actually, that's one gap that I need to fill in. I can't help
but notice that some Anatolian languages have traces of an l-suffix
in the declension. I also can't help but notice a possibly
thematized version *-ol-o- or how *sxwol- has an animatized version
of said potential inanimate ending *-l in *saxwl. I lastly can't help
but notice that Tyrrhenian has an l-genitive and IE doesn't. Since
we see genitives forming derivatives like *yugom and then being
reinterpreted as thematic stems (*yugo-m instead of *yug-om), I'm
terribly curious whether MIE has traces of this l-genitive too,
presumably a genitive restricted to inanimates. In such a system
then, the animate-inanimate system would have contrasted in
not only the nominative and accusative, but also the genitive.

= gLeN